How to get Payment from Amazon for associates & sellers outside U.S.?

How do you get paid by Amazon if you are a non-US associate or seller? Is there a way to receive payments from Amazon when you’re living outside of the US?  Other than the ones already available, is there any other payment method for Amazon associates or sellers residing outside US?  These are some frequently asked questions I’ve received recently. Currently, Amazon associates and sellers in the US use two ways to get paid-  via cheque or wire transfer to US Bank account. However, not everyone has a US bank account. If you want a fast and reliable service, Payoneer is a recommended payment method for Amazon associates and sellers. Payoneer offers quick cash withdrawal through its MasterCard service. Though it’s a relatively new service, it is already becoming a popular method used by Non-US sellers and affiliates to withdraw earnings from Amazon. China, UK, Germany, Spain, Mexico, India are some of the countries where Non-US Amazon sellers and affiliates frequently use the Payoneer MasterCard. US citizens who are currently living in a different country can also use the Payoneer MasterCard to directly receive Amazon payments and withdraw it locally via any ATM with the MasterCard logo. Read below to find out how to withdraw payments from Amazon using Payoneer MasterCard:

How do I receive payments from Amazon(US) outside US

  • Sign up for Payoneer: The process is simple. If you’ve setup online accounts (paypal,
    Payoneer MasterCard for Amazon associates & sellers

    ebay, amazon, facebook…) before, setting up a Payoneer account won’t be a problem. You’ll just need to fill out an online application form with your account details like Name, street address, phone number etc. You will also need to ready a scanned copy or picture of your Government id (passport number, citizenship or driver’s license) for identity verification. To get verified successfully, make sure that the street address on your Payoneer account is the same as on your government id. If you are using a Passport or driver’s license, do not use an expired one.

  • Your MasterCard will take two to three weeks to reach you. Also make sure to check in with your post office after two weeks because sometimes the card can arrive early. Sometimes even when the card arrives you might not get a call from your post office (like in my case) so you should call them and ask whether your package has arrived. My Payoneer Card was already in my mail box in the second week. I also recommend that you get a mail box (PO Box) so that your packages are stored safely in it instead of being stored in the Post office’s vault (which can be unreliable if your they don’t have a good system)
  • Many people sign up directly via the official website. However, if you use a referral link from an active Payoneer user, you can get a guaranteed $25 reward !, which may not sound like much but skipping on a chance to earn free money doesn’t make sense. Here’s the referral link : Sign up for Payoneer. The reward money will be loaded into your Payoneer account after your deposit reaches at least $100.
  • Payoneer sign up involves three stages. First stage is the sign up process, where you fill up your personal details(name, street, country etc) in an online form, the second is uploading a scanned copy/image of your government id (driver’s license, citizenship certificate or passport number), and in the third stage your identity will be verified and then the MasterCard will be shipped to your address (the address you entered in your application form in the first stage).There is one more small step where you activate your account.
  • After you receive your MasterCard, carefully remove it from the envelope. It will be attached to a document (keep this document safe somewhere). Now on the front of the MasterCard you’ll have a 16 digit number, this is your debit card number. Login to your Payoneer account >> Click “Activate account” on the right >> Enter your card number. Now you’ll have to setup a four digit pin number which you’ll use to withdraw cash from your local ATM. Keep your MasterCard safe and do not share your debit card number or pin number with anyone.

That’s it. Now you have a verified Payoneer account which can be used to receive payouts or payments from Amazon and a host of other companies like ebay, Commission Junction, Odesk (Upwork), Elance and so on.

Note: Some countries (example: India) do not support Payoneer MasterCards but allow fund transfer from Payoneer account to local bank account. 

If you have trouble on any step of the Payoneer application process, go through this article which explains everything in detail- How to get a Payoneer MasterCard.

How to withdraw payments from Amazon using Payoneer MasterCard

Now that you’ve activated your Payoneer account, you have to set it up as a payment method in your Amazon account. Now all you have to do is add your Payoneer account details and you can start receiving payouts from Amazon. Here are the steps to add Payoneer as a payment option on Amazon:

  • Login to Payoneer and click “US/EUR Payment Service” option on Receive Payments menu (top of the page).



  • Here you will see that Payoneer has setup a US Bank account for you. The account type will be “Checking”. Copy the Bank account holder name (your full name), Bank Name (Bank of America), Routing Number, Bank Account Number and Bank account type (CHECKING)- save it in notepad or a doc file because you will need to add this info in your Amazon seller central or associates account.
  • Now login to your Amazon Seller’s Central or Amazon Associates account.
    • On the top right of your screen, click “Settings”. Then Select “Account info” from the drop down menu
    • Look for the “Payment Information” section >> Click “Deposit Methods” >> Then “Add”
    • From the “Bank location country” drop down, select country as “USA” (because your US payment service account is created in Bank of America by Payoneer)
    • Fill in the required details using the “US/EUR Payment Service” provided by Payoneer which includes  Bank name, account holder name, Bank account Type, Bank account number and routing number. Click “Submit”. That’s it. Your Payoneer US bank account is now all set to receive payments from Amazon.


  • Amazon will now disburse your funds to your Payoneer account. To view your disbursements, login to Payoneer and click on “Activity” from the dashboard and select “Payment history”.
  • When you are ready to withdraw funds, click on Withdraw and select “To Bank account” and then withdraw it to your local bank account (Which you will have to add to your Payoneer account). If you have already received your Payoneer MasterCard, you can withdraw the Amazon funds immediately via any nearby ATM.  Note that Payoneer ATM withdrawal carries extra fee ($1.35 for U.S users and $3 for non-US users

As you can see, you can easily receive payments from  Amazon products even if you aren’t a US citizen or if you reside outside United States. With a Payoneer Account you don’t need to setup a US bank account to  get paid  because Payoneer will setup a Bank of America account for you where your Amazon earnings will be sent. Besides Amazon earnings, you can use Payoneer to receive money from Commission Junction, Infolinks, Elance-Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, PeoplePerFour, Lazada and so on.

If you have any confusion regarding above steps, here’s a short video on how to receive USD Disbursements from Amazon to Your Payoneer Account:

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  • hi, I have uploaded my govt id but it’s still showing not submitted?

  • now, it’s showing submitted. Everything is verified.

  • But they said to me that i must be a US resident also?

  • Wallace B…

    Wow, thanks for the tip, I live in Brazil and want to build sites and get affiliated to Amazon and other affiliate programs.. Is the process similar for those living in Latin America?

  • Yes. I think so. You can easily link your Payoneer account with your Amazon affiliate account.

  • What is the threshold for transferring earning from amazon to account