How to Earn money with Payoneer Refer a Friend Affiliate Program

Wanna make some extra money by joining the Payoneer Refer a Friend program? This post will teach you how you can become a Payoneer affiliate and make $25 within a few months. Update: For everyday users the bonus reward is great because it can be used to cover Payoneer’s maintenance fees. However, as an affiliate I have found Payoneer’s refer a friend program to have a very low conversion rate. The conversion to sign up ratio has been surprisingly, extremely low. So far, its nowhere near profitable as affiliate programs from companies like Hostgator, Bluehost  and if you have good traffic you can even earn more via click to pay per click services like AdSense.

However, since I am relatively new to the Payoneer’s affiliate program, I am optimistic I’ll see the conversions pick up in the coming days/months. I will keep updating my results. Right now, Payoneer doesn’t provide affiliate marketers any features to check the status of their referrals, meaning  you will have to use your own tools to track everything. However, they are planning to soon add a new dashboard for the affiliate marketers

Before learning about how you can make referral money with Payoneer Refer a Friend affiliate program, let’s take a look at what services you get with the Payoneer MasterCard.

Payoneer MasterCard is a popular option for freelancers and publishers to quickly and safely withdraw online earnings. Popular freelancing websites like Odesk, Elance and Freelancer allow you to easily add Payoneer as your withdrawal method, and withdrawal can be made either within hours or within two days.  With a Payoneer account you actually get a Bank of America Checking account and you can use this account number to receive payments from thousands of  companies from around the world-eg: Commission Junction, Amazon, Paypal, InfoLinks, AdStract and so on.  You will also be able to transfer payments from your Payoneer account to another Payoneer account but this  feature might not to be available to non-US citizens of some countries.

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Another benefit, specially for non-US customers who don’t have access to other online payment methods, is that Payoneer MasterCard can be used to pay for purchasing stuff online- this includes buying hosting plans, domains, app from App Stores, and anything from online retailers like, Ebay, BestBuy, Walmart etc. Payments made by using the Card doesn’t carry any fee but if you plan on withdrawing money from ATMs, you will be charged ATM fee + currency conversion fee if reside outside US. There is also a monthly/yearly card maintenance fee which you will need to pay to activate your card. Despite the fees, Payoneer is still a great option to withdraw small amounts of cash swiftly- other methods such as Wire Transfers take much longer. Read: Best Withdrawal Methods for Freelancers.

While it’s a convenient option for withdrawing funds, Payoneer also let’s you make money through it’s Refer a Friend program. After you sign up and activate your Payoneer account, you are an official Payoneer Affiliate- meaning you are eligible to earn money through referral to friends, families, followers etc. The cool thing is Payoneer doesn’t have any stringent requirement for participating in its Affiliate program. Once you sign up and activate your MasterCard, you are provided with a referral link and any sign up that occurs via that link will earn you as well as your referee $25.  Now that may not sound like much but if you have contact with a bunch of people who are likely to use Payoneer MasterCard on the long run, you can actually earn hundreds or even thousands of referral dollars. You should however know that the earning will not come fast because you will only be rewarded for valid referrals and only active accounts count as valid referrals. Also, you and your friend will earn $25 only after the latter loads at least $100 into his/her account.  Since the whole activation and loading time may take longer for some individuals, it might take a month or two before you earn your first Payoneer affiliate income.

How to activate Payoneer MasterCard and How To Earn Money with Payoneer Refer A Friend program


  • Sign up for Payoneer account. To start off, use my link here   and you can earn your first $25 (as soon as you load $100). To sign up you’ll need a scanned copy(image) of your Government ID and a proper mailing address (PO BOX recommended). Make sure your Payoneer account name/ address matches the info on your official Govt ID.  If you get confused Read this post on How to get Payoneer MasterCard . You can actually get the MasterCard via your national post office or mailing service for free but that method can take up to three weeks. If you want to get the card within 3-5 days you can use expedite shipping services like DHL and FedEx for certain fees.
    • Once you get the card via mail, well, the next step is to open the envelop and then remove your shiny MasterCard attached to a paper containing details of your Payoneer account- keep this paper safe or back it up for later.
    • Sign in to your payoneer account and then go to My Account >> Activate Card. Enter your MasterCard number and enter a new 4 digit pin code which you will use to withdraw cash from payoneer_refer_a_friend_programyour local ATM. Save the pin number in a safe place. You can change the pin code anytime by logging into your account.
  • Now on the left corner you will see a “Refer a Friend” banner. Click it.
  • You will be redirected to a page where you will get your Payoneer affiliate link. You can refer your friends via Facebook, Twitter and Email.


Earn Money with Payoneer Referrals

When someone signs up using your referral link, you will be notified about it via email. After the referred person loads a total of at least $100 into his/her account, both of you will get a $25 reward in your respective accounts.

Payoneer Referral Earning



I hope this post helped you setup your Payoneer account and gave you an idea how you can earn affiliate income via Payoneer Refer a Friend program. Your next step should now be to identify potential Payoneer users and then to convert them into qualified referrals.

Note: Payoneer doesn’t provide MasterCard to some countries (Example- India) and in those types of Payoneer account you get the option to withdraw funds directly to your local bank account, which is also cool.

If you have more queries related to Payoneer, read: Payoneer FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

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  • your refer id is that working ???

  • FreelanSir

    Yes. The referral link is active so you can use it to sign up for Payoneer and earn the reward.

  • Tony

    Yes. It’s active and working.

  • Hamzah

    hi, can you refer friends before you activate your card?

  • You need to activate your Payoneer account. If you are able to login, then go to Activity >> Refer a Friend. If you’ve been provided with a referral link, then you can share it. If not , you will also have to activate your Payoneer MasterCard.

  • I think you are not clear about Payoneer’s “Refer a Friend” program. The referral sign up is just the first step. You and your friends will each receive the reward once your referred friends loads at least $100 (in total) in their Payoneer accounts. T

  • Ziol Hossain

    after loading $100 usd, can I withdraw that amount of money?
    is that 100% refundable?

  • if you’ve already paid the yearly card maintenance fee, then yes. However, you will be charged an ATM withdrawal fee, which is about $3. Sometimes local ATMs may charge a bit more.

  • Rasel Mahmud

    Hello, I have new 20 payoneer cards. I refereed for all cards. now If I loads $100 for each card then we both will earn $25?? after loads $100 in new card Payoneer will cut $30 for annual fee. total for a card $100 – $30 = $70. and $70 + $25 (bonus) = $95. so My account will have total $95 ?? . can I transfer that $95 to other payoneer card in one day??

  • Hi,

    You are correct about the $25 referral reward, which will be loaded into your and your friend’s Payoneer account as soon as he/she loads $100. You are also correct about the annual fee and the amount after that + reward. Yes, you can transfer the amount to other card, if the card to card service is available via your My Account page, under the “Tools” menu. If you do not have that feature enabled, you will either have to transfer the amount to your bank account or withdraw it via any local ATM with the MasterCard logo. Bank transfer fees may differ so I suggest you inquire Payoneer Customer service about this fee. ATM withdrawal also carries a $3 fee so, it is recommended that you make bulk withdrawal to avoid incurring multiple fees.

  • Milan Mastilovic This is my link open it and recive $25 when you load the card to $100 thank you