How to add bank account to Elance-Upwork

Adding your local bank account is fairly easy on Elance-Upwork. The only thing you’ll need is your bank account detail.  Make sure that the bank account is your own and not your friend’s or a relative’s. Your profile name and address should match the bank account holder name and address. Here are the steps to add bank account to Elance-Upwork:

  • Log in to your Elance-Upwork account
  • On the menu go to Manage >> Financial Accounts
  • Scroll down under Bank accounts, click “Enter New Bank Account”
  • Fill up the Bank information section with your:
    • Bank account type
    • Bank name
    • Bank Country
    • SWIFT code
    • Bank Address
    • Bank city, province and postal code
  • Fill up your Account holder information
    • Destination currency: (choose either your local currency or USD)
    • Account holder name: (Your name)
    • Account number/IBAN
    • Purpose of payment (choose anyone, I choose personal)
  • In the next page, enter account holder address
    • Your street address, city, province and postal code

Note: You will be using similar steps to add your local bank account to other websites like freelancer, fiverr, amazon etc.

Finally you’ll be asked to review your bank account details. Make sure all information is correct. Pay special attention to Account name and number, Bank Swift Code and Addresses. After adding the account it will take 5 calendar days for it to be available as a withdrawal option. Now you can start withdrawing money to your bank account using either local fund transfer method or USD transfer method. After making a withdrawal to bank, Elance takes 2 days to process the transaction and then it can take up to 5 days to arrive at your local bank. How long it takes to reflect on your local account depends upon the processing speed of your bank. Some banks take longer than others.  You can also change the currency withdrawn anytime you like from local currency to USD or vice versa.


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